My Favourite Circus Fonts: Round #2

Thursday July 21st, 2011, 2 years, 9 months and 1 week ago

A long time ago I posted a list of some of my favourite typefaces of the circus/carnival/sideshow/wild west persuasion (which you can take a look at here). Since there are so many fabulous fonts to choose from, I thought I’d post some more for your typographic pleasure! The fonts marked with an asterisk in the list below are for personal use only, but the rest are free to use in commercial projects; but just to be sure, please read each individual designer’s licensing agreement. (By the way, the pointy hands are actually part of the Joe Clement font – the left & right angle brackets).

I shall be posting a list of some of my favourite vintage & script fonts soon too.

I hope you have fun using these in some of your projects!  :)

And here are a couple more beauties…

  • Tightrope (Lost Type Co-op)
  • Nelma (Lost Type Co-op – .eps & .ai format only, but a beautiful display typeface)

I Love…Shuzo Ikeda

Wednesday July 20th, 2011, 2 years, 9 months and 1 week ago

Shuzo Ikeda 1922-2004 Japanese Printmaker

Left: Rose, 1977. Centre: Girl & Snow, 1973. Right: Camelia, 1975. Woodblock Prints by Shuzo Ikeda.

Left: Under the Tree, 1972. Right: Red Seed, 1972. Woodblock Prints by Shuzo Ikeda.

Left: Bird & Boy, 1974. Centre: Ring Dancing, 1966. Right: Portrait No. 501, 1962. Woodblock Prints by Shuzo Ikeda.

Flag Procession, 1987. Woodblock Print by Shuzo Ikeda.

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Memory Lane: In the Toy Box

Sunday July 17th, 2011, 2 years, 9 months and 1 week ago

1. Finest Water Colours, Crab Apple Design on Flickr
2. Tin Teacups, SushiPotParts on Etsy
3. Cra-O-Tec Crayons, PeddlersFinds on Etsy
4. Tin Seaside Pail, BennyInkWell on Flickr
5. Milky Marbles, MissUFO on Etsy
6. Wooden Circus Seal, Amber E on Flickr
7. Tin Owl Clicker, BennyInkWell on Flickr
8. Nesting Block Set, AppelJar on Etsy
9. Wonderland Super Paint Box, PopKulture on Flickr
10. Milton Bradley Memory Game, O Pistachio on Flickr
11. Playhour Annual 1967, Gale47 on Flickr

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Welcome to my new blog!

Saturday July 16th, 2011, 2 years, 9 months and 2 weeks ago

Hello! Welcome to the new Magic Jelly blog! :) Whew, what a relief to finally launch it!

My site is still very much a work in progress. You’ll see that the other sections, such as my shop, aren’t ready yet – but I was so eager to start blogging again, I couldn’t wait any longer! My contact page should be up in a few days, & my brand new online shop some time in August, with a whole range of new products. Busy times ahead…

Creating this blog has been an enormous project because it has been totally customised, right down to the very last pixel. I could not have done it without my Craft Cult partner & good friend Julian Lievano, who is not only a super-creative glassblower, but also a talented web developer. So with me designing everything & Julian taking care of all the brainy technical stuff, I finally have the blog of my dreams. Thank you so much Julian, for all your hard work & generosity – I am so happy with Magic Jelly’s new home!

(We’re still tweaking a few things here & there, so if you happen to find anything odd or buggy going on, please leave me a comment.)

If you cast your eye over to the right, you’ll see a sign-up form where you can subscribe to my newsletter, & also to my blog by email – everyone’s welcome! I’m transferring my existing Feedburner subscribers & Google Group list over to my new blog feed & mailing list, so if you happen to have joined previously, there’s no need to join again. You can also follow me on Twitter, Pinterest (love Pinterest so much!), Flickr & Tumblr (do you like my little flag-waving bunnies in the sidebar?) & I’ve just joined Google Plus too. Come & say hi!

Now I just have to hope that the world hasn’t forgotten me – I’ve been working hard for the last couple of years, but haven’t had much of an online presence. I’m a little worried I’ve been left behind, the market has grown so much, particularly here in Australia – there are so many artists & illustrators who’ve sprung up since I was last blogging & selling my wares online. I hope there’s still a little Magic Jelly sized space left for me!

Anyway, enough of the neurotic rambling… Welcome! I hope you like Magic Jelly’s new home & pop by to say hello! I’ll be posting regularly, so I’ll see you all soon.

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Giant Mermaids, a UFO, and a Flying Whale

Thursday July 14th, 2011, 2 years, 9 months and 2 weeks ago

I’m lucky enough to live by the sea, in beautiful, sunny Semaphore. A few months ago, at the end of summer, we took a stroll down to the esplanade (after a yummy lunch at the local tapas café), to see the kites breezin’ along with the breeze as part of the annual Semaphore Kite Festival. It was a lovely day (apart from forgetting my sunscreen & coming home as red & shiny as a ripe tomato). Looking at these bright summery pics makes me look forward to spring!

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Buttered Nut & Lentil Paté

Thursday July 14th, 2011, 2 years, 9 months and 2 weeks ago

Do you love dips, patés & spreads as much as I do? They’re so quick & easy to make & are great to keep in the fridge for snacks & light meals. And they’re versatile – fantastic on sandwiches, toasted ciabatta, flat breads & wraps, with crispy vegetable batons, served in a crunchy lettuce cup with crusty bread for a starter, great for parties, etc, etc.

I love the classics like Hoummous or Baba Ghanoush, but I like to experiment with a whole range of different ingredients in my dips & patés…broad bean & hazelnut, spicy pumpkin & peanut, french bean & almond…what a yummy way to eat more vegetables, nuts, beans & pulses!

What’s the difference between a dip & a paté you might ask? Well I think dips normally have a softer consistency (more suitable for dipping, naturally), & patés are not only firmer, but often richer, as you eat less of them, spread on toast, etc.

This recipe is one I’ve adapted from a little book I bought in the 90s, Vegetarian Barbeques by Sue Ashworth. It really is delicious – very mellow & buttery, but spiked with a little spiciness & the freshness of the lime & coriander – & it’s vegan too! If you cut back on the margarine & nuts by half for a lower fat version, I’m sure it would still be really tasty.

Please continue reading…

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The Holiday Season is Sneaking Up…

Friday August 14th, 2009, 4 years, 8 months and 2 weeks ago

…& I’m not very organised so far. I’ve learned from experience that if you don’t have your inventory & marketing plans for the holiday season well under way by mid-year, it’s time to start panicking. Am I the only one who’s always disorganised & having a nervous breakdown by October? Anyway…here’s a sneak peak at one of my new pieces that will be stocked in my shop for the holidays, & I have a couple of new gocco prints underway, as well as some small-format originals. Aaaaand somewhere within the next couple of months, I’ll be moving house too. I hope I get everything finished!!!


A Big Dose o’ Cute

Saturday August 1st, 2009, 4 years, 8 months and 3 weeks ago

A friend of mine is lucky enough to own a lovely little farm in the hills, with alpacas & sheep & goats. He took this photo last weekend on a gloriously sunny winter’s day…

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