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Postcards Sent!

Saturday July 12th, 2014, 7 months, 4 weeks and 10 hours ago

So I had a little giveaway of some of my new postcards and got a fantastic response. Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone out there, still reading my blog. Facebook has taken so much traffic away from independent blogs, which is a real shame, so this is a perfect opportunity to thank you for still being there, reading and commenting and emailing – it means a lot!

Off the little postcards go (I posted them Thursday), some within Australia (all in Victoria, isn’t that odd?), as well as the US and South Africa. I’ve blurred out people’s names so they don’t know which they’re getting, but I thought I’d still post a photo. I wanted to write something different for each one; so someone’s getting a list of girls’ names that were popular 100 years ago, another is some fascinating facts about moths, another is a snippet of a poem I read recently, a little witticism from Oscar Wilde, an interesting fact about chairs, and my recipe for Green Tea Citrus Syrup – all with a few little drawings.
Some of the lovely postcard recipients have beautiful blogs of their own… Rebecca has a gorgeous blog called Needle & Spindle which is dedicated to knitting and sewing and other creative pursuits. I am obsessed with sewing blogs at the moment, so it’s lovely to see Rebecca’s inspiring posts pop up in my Feedly feed! Natasha’s blog, Bamboo Blossom, is also a wonderful record of her creative life, with cooking, sewing, travel, etc, and I think Natasha’s made my vegan cheesecake recipe more times than I have! It’s really amazing to think that here’s someone on the other side of the world making my cheesecake (and doing such a great job of it)! Last but definitely not least is Cadry’s blog, Cadry’s Kitchen, which is a vibrant celebration of vegan cooking with recipes, cookbook reviews, etc, and everything is so beautifully presented. Another one of my faves! Isn’t the blogging community great? I learn so much from the things people generously share on their blogs – always so much inspiration!

This giveaway was a lot of fun, so I will do it again soon. Next time, rather than the first five responses, I’ll draw the names randomly so that different timezones won’t be an issue. Sorry to the people who didn’t get a postcard, but please try again next time!

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  1. Natasha says: bambooblossom.co.za

    They look great, I’m so excited to see which one I got. And now I found a new vegan blog to read :)

    Reply to Natasha Jul 12th 2014, 7 mths and 4 wks ago
  2. Kathy says:

    How wonderful of you to customize each card. What fun for the recipients. Looking forward eagerly to the next time.

    Reply to Kathy Jul 13th 2014, 7 mths and 3 wks ago
  3. Rebecca says: needleandspindle.com

    I reckon I am going to be excited no matter which postcard I get…they all sound fascinating. What a delightful, personal giveaway.

    Reply to Rebecca Jul 13th 2014, 7 mths and 3 wks ago
  4. Cadry says: cadryskitchen.com

    My postcard came today! It made it in record time. I guess I can blow out the candles from the vigil. That’s really interesting about those moths never eating. That sounds like the saddest week ever. If I only got to live for one week, all the more reason for salt & pepper potato chips! Your postcard is frame-worthy, and I know just the place for it! Thanks for the fun mail!

    I’m so glad you mentioned the other bloggers who were on the receiving side! Lots of good stuff! And thank you for the kind words. They were lovely to hear. :)

    Reply to Cadry Jul 15th 2014, 7 mths and 3 wks ago
  5. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says: creativehomeexpressions.blogspot.com

    Your postcards are lovely, Karena! I love your way of sending them off with a little something different on each one. I’m sure the recipients will love them!

    Reply to Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Aug 31st 2014, 6 mths and 1 wk ago

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