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New Promo Postcard!

Wednesday July 9th, 2014, 7 months, 17 hours and 46 minutes ago


So this is my new promotional postcard…what do you think? I kind of like postcards more than regular business cards, they’re just more fun, and I think people are more inclined to keep them instead of hurling them in the bin. I’m really happy with the way they turned out!

Boy, did I struggle with writing the spiel on the back. I wanted to say something that captured the essence of my work, but didn’t read like an artist’s statement, and wasn’t written in the third person (everyone knows you wrote it yourself, so why do that?). I wanted it to be clear and concise and not pretentious or boastful, but still positive (after all, I am trying to promote myself!). Urgh, I wrote about a thousand drafts and over-analysed every single word back to front and inside out until none of it seemed to make any sense anymore. *Sigh* I had to get it right since I was having 1,000 cards printed – it’s hard to sum yourself up in a couple of sentences!


In case it’s difficult to read in the pic, this is what I wrote (some of it I stole from my about page, which is due for a rewrite I think): “I find inspiration in the ghosts of our past; memory, nostalgia, and the things we collect that record our personal stories. Both newfangled and old school, blending digital and traditional media, my work is a bittersweet mix of levity and melancholy. Above all, I hope it is friendly, accessible, and brings people some of the happiness it gives me to make it.  ~ Karena”

I thought it would be fun to give a few cards away. Would you like one? Just email me and let me know if you’d like a postcard, and I’ll post one out with a little handwritten message on the back to the first 5 people who respond (no need to email me your name and address just yet – I’ll let you know if you were one of the 5 and get your details then). Doesn’t that sound like fun? Come on, it’s better than the usual stuff that shows up in your letterbox, eg. bank statements and electricity bills.

PS. I’m having trouble with my blog feed. I realised that people were only getting a text preview with no images showing up, so I’ve tinkered with the settings, but I’m still not sure it’s working. It’s always disappointing to follow someone’s blog and find you don’t get any enticing photos in your feed! So if you happen to be subscribed to my blog and do get my pics appearing in your reader or emails, please let me know, I’ll be so happy if it’s finally working properly!

EDIT: Well that was fun! The five postcards have gone, but I think I’ll do another postcard giveaway down the track a little. Sorry if you missed out this time!

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  1. Rebecca says: needleandspindle.com

    Yes, you are coming up loud and clear in full Technicolor in my reader. And yes I would love a postcard with beguiling description on the back, I think you wrestled your words masterfully.

    Reply to Rebecca Jul 9th 2014, 7 mths and 14 hrs ago
  2. Simone says: ammiki.com/blog

    I don’t have feeds, but your email comes up in my inbox, but no images.

    Oh and would love to win one of your postcards, it looks amazing.

    Reply to Simone Jul 9th 2014, 7 mths and 13 hrs ago
  3. Julia D. says:

    Love your postcard and such a great way to express your talents. Would love to win one of your postcards and thanks for the opportunity.

    Reply to Julia D. Jul 10th 2014, 7 mths and 10 hrs ago
  4. Liz says:

    Looks awesome!

    Reply to Liz Jul 10th 2014, 7 mths and 5 hrs ago
  5. Denise L. says:

    Well done you! I believe postcards to be better than business cards myself. Whenever a seller tucks one of their cards into an order of mine, I always use it to send my friends a greeting and spread the word of the artists that catch my fancy. Good luck, Karena!

    Reply to Denise L. Jul 10th 2014, 7 mths and 5 hrs ago
  6. I’ve come via Needle and Spindle blog. I’ve been having a look around your website and love your designs!! Your postcards are particularly fun!

    Reply to Rachaeldaisy Jul 15th 2014, 6 mths and 3 wks ago
  7. Esmeralda Jönsson says:

    everything you design is awesome!!!!!

    Reply to Esmeralda Jönsson Jul 19th 2014, 6 mths and 2 wks ago
  8. Katherine Appleby says: indikatdesigns.com

    I love your design work! You have such an awesome style. I’ll have to stay tuned for the next giveaway! :)

    Reply to Katherine Appleby Oct 19th 2014, 3 mths and 2 wks ago

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