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Australian Home Journal: Part One

Wednesday March 26th, 2014, 11 months, 2 weeks and 1 day ago

I used to make my own clothes waaay back in the eighties and nineties, but for some reason I stopped. I think I was just much more focused on the result rather than the process and eventually grew tired of it. I’ve recently revisited my sewing machine and I’m loving it! This time, I’m much more engaged in the whole process and and I’m finding it really rewarding; not to mention all of my past sewing projects were pre-internet so I’m now discovering for the first time all the fabulous resources that are out there – so many great blogs, fabric shops and downloadable patterns – yaaay!

All of this sewing buzz prompted me to pull out my stash of vintage Australian Home Journal magazines. Some of them still have the dress patterns inside, but I’m more interested in looking at the beautiful covers for now. My collection spans thirty years from the early-30s to the early-60s, so I thought I’d dedicate a few posts to sharing this beautiful cover art with you. Here are the first seven that I’ve selected, spanning 1932-38; just look at all of those gorgeous dresses! As a bonus, here’s a sassy lassy in a sporty tennis pullover from 1932…









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  1. Stevette says:

    Wonderful! My favourites are the sporty tennis pullover. And the child’s pink pantsuit. Of course.

    Reply to Stevette Mar 27th 2014, 11 mths and 2 wks ago
  2. This is really neat I love it!!!!!!

    Reply to Debra Mar 28th 2014, 11 mths and 2 wks ago
  3. Denise says:

    Karena, these are fabulous! What a fantastic collection you must have. I had no idea that magazines during that era had patterns included. How great is that? And a Cake Book – so fun! The 1935 issue is my fave, especially the girl’s dress (love the print!) And dress pattern 3148 of the 1936 issue is so elegant. Thank you for the glimpse into another time…

    Reply to Denise Mar 29th 2014, 11 mths and 1 wk ago
    • Karena (Magic Jelly) says: magicjelly.com.au

      Unfortunately someone had removed the cake book. :( Back then the patterns didn’t have markings on them, so there are very detailed and confusing instructions. It’s nice to think of dedicated 30s ladies sewing up these gorgeous dresses though! Yes the 1935 issue is a beauty – I love the red dress with the blue flowers (but the Christmas Novelty booklet is missing from this one – boo!) You’re right about 3148, it’s beautiful, and so is 3147, a bit sportier and more youthful perhaps. It’s really great seeing the styles evolve. Hopefully I’ll get around to scanning the next batch this week so we can take a peek into the 1940s. :)

      Reply to Karena (Magic Jelly) Apr 13th 2014, 10 mths and 3 wks ago
  4. GREAT STUFF! My comic takes place in the 1930s so this kinda thing is invaluable! Thanks for posting!

    Reply to Rich Apr 4th 2014, 11 mths and 1 wk ago
  5. Kobi Jae says: horrorkitschbitch.com

    Oh my goodness these are FANTASTIC! I’m so happy for you – getting back to the sewing. And double snaps for your use of the term “sassy lassy” <3

    Reply to Kobi Jae Apr 5th 2014, 11 mths and 5 days ago
  6. Sandra says: greentigerpress.com

    The English and Australians and the Europeans seem to have had many more of these magazines that included patterns. I wonder why the American magazines didn’t do it more.

    Reply to Sandra Nov 15th 2014, 3 mths and 2 wks ago

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