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Film Noir Typography

Friday April 27th, 2012, 2 years, 9 months and 1 week ago

I love old movies, particularly Film Noir. Here are some screenshots from DVDs in my collection – all of these are great films.

In other news… I’ve finally succumbed to the inevitable – yes, Facebook. I’ve had a page for ages, but never updated it. I’ve now spruced it up & created a Magic Jelly page too, where I’ll link to any major news & updates that I write about here on my blog, as well as post some other random bits & pieces. If you haven’t had enough of me already, come & say hi…like me…be my friend…or subscribe! You’ll find me here, & my Magic Jelly page here (I’ll update my sidebar & footer to include my Facebook links soon).

The Shanghai Gesture, 1941

Shadow of a Doubt, 1943

Scarlet Street, 1945

Detour, 1945

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Karena!! I haven’t seen many old movies, but I would love to start. Do you have any other suggestions?! I love your blog, by the way! I’ll look for you on facebook! =) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Reply to Rachel Apr 27th 2012, 2 yrs and 9 mths ago
    • Karena (Magic Jelly) says: magicjelly.com.au

      Hi Rachel! I’m glad you like my blog, thanks for stopping by! :)

      Old movies… If you like romantic weepies, you can’t go past An Affair to Remember, or Now Voyager. Casablanca is great too. If you’d like to watch some Film Noir, Gilda, Laura or Shadow of a Doubt are real classics – good ones to start with. Some other faves of mine are Meet Me in St Louis, which is pure feel good escapism, Rebecca, To Catch a Thief & The Apartment, which is my favourite rom-com of all time!

      Reply to Karena (Magic Jelly) Apr 27th 2012, 2 yrs and 9 mths ago
  2. Stevette says:

    Hurrah! I think you know which one of these is my favourites….the type of film that one is never the same again after watching….DETOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to Stevette Apr 28th 2012, 2 yrs and 9 mths ago
    • Karena (Magic Jelly) says: magicjelly.com.au

      Hooray Vera!!!!!!!!!!!! I listened to that Film Noir podcast about Detour, & also the one for Out of the Past (which was particularly interesting). They point out things I never would have noticed – makes me want to watch them again!

      Reply to Karena (Magic Jelly) Apr 28th 2012, 2 yrs and 9 mths ago
  3. There is nothing like old movies their fashion style, typography, and other signage. Back then everything and everyone was so glamorous.

    Reply to Debra Apr 28th 2012, 2 yrs and 9 mths ago
    • Karena (Magic Jelly) says: magicjelly.com.au

      I agree! The fashions were so gorgeous weren’t they? I really love whole mid-20th century aesthetic (which is probably pretty apparent from my blog).

      Reply to Karena (Magic Jelly) Jun 10th 2012, 2 yrs and 7 mths ago
  4. julian says:

    Magic Jelly is very glamorous, if I had to choose a word.

    Reply to julian Apr 29th 2012, 2 yrs and 9 mths ago

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