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Jewellery Sneak Peek

Thursday March 15th, 2012, 2 years, 11 months and 3 weeks ago

I thought I’d show you what I’m making today. Here are some pieces from a range of jewellery destined for my shop, waiting to be sealed within resin & made all shiny & gem-like. I’ve already shown you this bracelet from my folk art inspired range, these blue & white designs are influenced (as you might have guessed!) by Delftware. I wanted to do a woodland theme, but not the usual suspects such as bears & rabbits. I finished the swan the other day (I’m quite happy with it!) & I’m currently drawing weasels for yet another addition to The Woodlanders range. You might have noticed the little weasel I drew for this calendar – I thought he was so cute I just knew another weasel would pop up soon enough. These pieces are quite large – 55x43mm (2.15×1.7 inches) – & I’m making them into pendants & cuff bracelets (the little hearts top-right are for matching rings). I like larger jewellery myself, but I’m also making some dainty-sized pieces too. I’ve had friends & family road testing my jewellery for about a year now, & it’s great to see it stand up to the rigors of every day wear & tear such as grabby toddlers. Nicest of all is hearing reports back of the compliments my jewellery has received!

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  1. Stevette says:

    These look absolutely gorgeous. Love the blue and white and superb drawing. Makes me want to wear jewellry!

    Reply to Stevette Mar 15th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  2. Noar says: noarleenaggan.com

    Wow!!! These are just phenomenal!

    Reply to Noar Mar 15th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  3. Cathe Holden says: justsomethingimade.com

    Be still my heart!
    Absolutely STUNNING Karena!!!
    There’s nothing like it. I can’t wait for your shop to open.

    Reply to Cathe Holden Mar 15th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  4. Joye Outlar says:

    These are so different, Karena!
    LOVE them!
    Hope your shop opens soon!!

    Reply to Joye Outlar Mar 15th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  5. kat cameron says: teamkitten.com/blog

    These are gorgeous Karena! The blue and white combo is fab!
    Good luck with your shop, i’m sure you will do so well with these! Great style and very unique! xox

    Reply to kat cameron Mar 16th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
    • Karena (Magic Jelly) says: magicjelly.com.au

      I love limited colour palettes so it was only a matter of time before I attempted blue & white. Thanks Kat!

      I just wandered over to your blog to see what you’ve been up to lately, & I absolutely love that sweet little girl amongst the flowers. Pale green is one of my favourite colours.

      Reply to Karena (Magic Jelly) Mar 16th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  6. Joy says:

    Dreamy designs. Gosh the cuff bracelet is so intriguing! I’ll be waiting….

    Reply to Joy Mar 16th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
    • Karena (Magic Jelly) says: magicjelly.com.au

      Thank you Joy! I particularly like the bracelet myself & think I’ll make myself one with either the swan or moth – I still can’t decide.

      Reply to Karena (Magic Jelly) Mar 16th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  7. Michelle Threefold says: threefoldneedlepoint.com

    Wow, these are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

    Reply to Michelle Threefold Mar 16th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  8. Vantiani says: ikavantiani.blogspot.com

    Oh these are perfect for brooch or pendants!
    Can’t wait for the shop to open, Karena! Woot!

    Reply to Vantiani Mar 19th 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  9. These are going to really look good as jewelry. I love them all! I just took a look at that bracelet it’s so pretty.

    Reply to Debra Mar 21st 2012, 2 yrs and 11 mths ago
  10. This is very unique indeed.

    Reply to Hank Hendricks Jun 6th 2012, 2 yrs and 9 mths ago

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