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How to Make Giant Christmas Balls

Wednesday October 12th, 2011, 3 years, 4 months and 3 weeks ago

Is it too early to make Christmas Balls? That’s the question on everyone’s lips, isn’t it? Look at this glorious creation – a Giant Christmas Ball from a book I picked up at a secondhand book fair a few months ago, Fun With Wool by Michael Joseph, published in 1975. Being a 70s kid myself, this is just the kind of book I love, full of fun pics & projects.

I think I might make one of these big, joyous pom-pom clusters. Don’t you just love the colour combo they’ve chosen? Just in case you want to make one too (& why wouldn’t you?!), here’s the accompanying instructions. There’s plenty of info about how to make pom-poms available (if you didn’t happen to spend your childhood rhythmically threading wool through cardboard rings), so I won’t worry with that – here’s the bit about the Giant Christmas Ball itself:

Materials: Orange, pink & violet wool; a ball of polystyrene 12cm (4.75″) in diameter; pins 4cm (1.5″) long.

Take two discs 3.6cm (1.4″) in diameter, with a central hole 1cm (.4″) in diameter & make 22 orange pom-poms, 27 pink pom-poms, 27 violet pom-poms, taking care to fill the central hole completely.

Pin the pom-poms to the polystyrene ball, arranging the colours as shown in the picture.

Crochet a chain of 120 stitches. Knot the two ends together & pin one end of the loop to the polystyrene ball.

I’m thinking an even bigger polystyrene ball would be great. I might use ribbon for the loop instead (I can’t crochet), & make it more secure by gluing it around the circumference of the ball before attaching the pom-poms. And maybe using fine wire bent into a u-shape to attach the pom-poms might be a bit better than using pins.

Let’s deck the halls with pom-pom balls this Christmas!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the other great images from Fun With Wool

Left: Fun with wool. Right: Not so much fun with wool.

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  1. jonahliza says: helloTreeCookies.com

    i am in love with those little birdies!… ive been making pom poms like crazy, for a little craft fair coming up. im stringing them to make some garlands. easy to make, while listening to music or watching tv. thanks for some inspiration <3

    Reply to jonahliza Oct 12th 2011, 3 yrs and 4 mths ago
  2. I love pom-poms! This giant Christmas ball is a joy to look at.

    I only ever made one pom-pom and it was a giant one by accident because I made a huge cardboard ring… I’m not very good at visualising size! You have definitely inspired me to make some more reasonably-sized ones and do all kinds of things with them.

    Reply to Suki Oct 12th 2011, 3 yrs and 4 mths ago
  3. iHanna says: ihanna.nu

    Karena, wow! Such vintage awesomeness. Bright colours and happy crafting, thanks for sharing!

    Reply to iHanna Oct 19th 2011, 3 yrs and 4 mths ago
  4. tina says:

    So fun! I love love love making poms! It is so relaxing!

    Reply to tina Nov 4th 2012, 2 yrs and 4 mths ago

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