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Foxy Haiku Contest: We Have a Winner!

Tuesday September 27th, 2011, 3 years, 5 months and 5 days ago

Whoops. I’m the worst blogger ever, I was supposed to announce the winner of my Haiku competition a week ago – sorry about that!

I’ve had a hard time picking my favourite Haiku, that’s for sure – what a torture – they are all so great! But, without further ado, the winner is Rachael, with her sweet little poem about interspecies friendship:

sleek red fox moonlight
flanked by a large coal black cat
there in my dark garden

Congratulations Rachael! I really hope you like your bracelet!

But I couldn’t help myself…I couldn’t stop at just one Haiku…they were all so amazing… So I have chosen a couple of honourable mentions & have a little prize for each of them which you can see below – these little Folk Like Us pendants (they will also be available once I launch my shop in a few weeks’ time). Honestly, I wish everyone who entered could win, but I don’t want to send myself bankrupt bestowing prizes willy-nilly! So, I shall restrict myself to just the two extras & will be sending a pendant to Suki, for her rather dark & moody, Film Noir-esque poem:

Autumn nights grow cold
A fox comes to the city
A strange cry is heard

And a pendant to bryssy for so perfectly capturing the image of a little fox gambling about on a cheery autumn day:

cracking leaves lay
under padded trixter paws
cool breezes blowing

Thank you everyone for entering – that was so much fun! :)

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  1. Wonderful, inspiring contest… fantastic winner (love that Rachael actually saw her cat and the fox strolling together)…beautiful pendants! Thanks for everything Karena!

    Reply to Suki Sep 27th 2011, 3 yrs and 5 mths ago
  2. bryssy says:

    So fun! Thank you!

    Reply to bryssy Sep 27th 2011, 3 yrs and 5 mths ago
  3. Rachael says:

    Thank you Karena I am really excited about winning and I have also found a bit of a passion for Haiku.

    Reply to Rachael Sep 27th 2011, 3 yrs and 5 mths ago
  4. Julian says:

    What lucky ducks!

    Reply to Julian Oct 3rd 2011, 3 yrs and 4 mths ago

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