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The Holiday Season is Sneaking Up…

Friday August 14th, 2009, 5 years, 6 months and 3 weeks ago

…& I’m not very organised so far. I’ve learned from experience that if you don’t have your inventory & marketing plans for the holiday season well under way by mid-year, it’s time to start panicking. Am I the only one who’s always disorganised & having a nervous breakdown by October? Anyway…here’s a sneak peak at one of my new pieces that will be stocked in my shop for the holidays, & I have a couple of new gocco prints underway, as well as some small-format originals. Aaaaand somewhere within the next couple of months, I’ll be moving house too. I hope I get everything finished!!!

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  1. Julian says:

    Your new work is fantastic, Ms. Jelly!
    ps.. don’t have an October breakdown!

    Reply to Julian Aug 22nd 2009, 5 yrs and 6 mths ago
  2. Stacey Snacks says: staceysnacksonline.com

    just want to let you know that I received the beautiful prints and collage. I love them all, and I know my niece will be thrilled when she receives them as a wedding gift!!!
    I will follow your blog and check out your new creations!
    Thanks again!

    Reply to Stacey Snacks Sep 23rd 2009, 5 yrs and 5 mths ago
  3. helen rawlinson says: helenrawlinson.blogspot.com

    I’m always completely disorganised, you are not alone for sure! Love your stuff, found you through a forum posting on Etsy. My Christmas list is starting to mount! Hoping to find a way to get people to buy what I really want this year….
    Best wishes

    Reply to helen rawlinson Sep 28th 2009, 5 yrs and 5 mths ago
  4. Ralphie says:

    I love hearing about your new work in store. Stop teasing us and show us!

    Reply to Ralphie Nov 15th 2009, 5 yrs and 3 mths ago
  5. GogoLab says:

    U simply are the best! U’ve become my favorite artist for now :D !!!! Really awesome! your artwork is beautiful and so personal! LOVE IT !!!!!!!

    Reply to GogoLab Feb 28th 2010, 5 yrs and 6 days ago
  6. Genevive says: etsy.com/shop/Genevive

    Just found you through the forum on Etsy by Glittercritter. What a beautiful blog! Your work is awsome!

    Reply to Genevive Mar 10th 2010, 4 yrs and 12 mths ago
  7. Love your blog… love your work!! Im so glad that I looked your blog up.

    Reply to Kenzie Jul 15th 2010, 4 yrs and 7 mths ago
  8. Nic Jones says: robinstreetmarket.com

    Your work is awesome! I am a big fan of handmade products and I have my own website. Actually, if you can make more of this you can actually sell them, a lot of people are looking for gifts like this especially the holiday season. If you want you can visit my site and go list your handmade products :)

    Reply to Nic Jones Dec 17th 2010, 4 yrs and 2 mths ago

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