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My Passionate Love Affair…

Saturday May 31st, 2008, 6 years, 9 months and 1 week ago

…with paper continues… I’ve just given myself blisters from cutting hundreds of little paper shapes for a new collage I’m making. Someone needs to invent scissors with fur-lined handles.  Fake fur of course. After cutting (what seemed like) the 40 billionth shape, I started fantasising about buying a digital die-cutter, but for this project at least, part of the fun is in hand-cutting the paper.

I really do love paper & ink…I hope my passion for them shows in what I do. The finished collages, which are bases for paintings & prints, are just so tactile & lovely. The blisters are (almost) worth it!

Notice anything different? Take a look at the top of my left sidebar…pretty spiffy, eh? Turns out Julian Lievano (of Heart-o-Matic fame) is not only the Evil Knievel of glass blowing, but the Steve McQueen of coding too. He made this nifty little gallery widget especially for my blog. Thanks Julian, I love it! :)

Anyway, toodle-loo for now! :)

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  1. fog and Thistle says: fogandthistle.com

    Occasionally I fantasize about getting a digital die-cutter too, but I’m a purist and love welding a knife. Your work looks beautiful as is your lovely blog.

    Reply to fog and Thistle May 31st 2008, 6 yrs and 9 mths ago
  2. Interesting how different media speak to different people. Your collages look wonderful–can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Reply to Susan May 31st 2008, 6 yrs and 9 mths ago
  3. High Desert Diva says: etsyhighdesertdiva.blogspot.com

    Worth it though…the collage backgrounds are wonderful.
    Your new widget is the bomb!

    Reply to High Desert Diva May 31st 2008, 6 yrs and 9 mths ago
  4. sherry truitt says: sherrytruitt.blogspot.com

    I love the new site MJ. Hope you have much success on it.

    Reply to sherry truitt May 31st 2008, 6 yrs and 9 mths ago
  5. Red Marionette says: redmarionette.etsy.com

    LOVE your blog. Oh its wonderful to snoop around within these pages. :)
    Thank you for sharing.

    Reply to Red Marionette Jun 4th 2008, 6 yrs and 9 mths ago
  6. Can’t wait to see the collages!

    Reply to sewbettie Jun 4th 2008, 6 yrs and 9 mths ago

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