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Happy (Belated) ’08

Thursday January 10th, 2008, 7 years, 1 month and 3 weeks ago

Well here we are, a week & a half into 2008 already & I’m only just getting around to wishing you all a Happy New Year. I do have an excuse…hot on the heels of Christmas, I came down with the flu & today has been the first day that I’ve felt halfway human again.

So anyway, please accept my best New Year greetings in the form of a big ol’ wobbly bowl of yellow custard & jelly – appropriate, eh? :)
In other news, I was featured yesterday on the modamuse design blog & got such a lovely write up, I’m flattered, thrilled & giddy – all at once. Thank you Modamuse!

I’ve been playing around with scissors & glue (no glitter – sorry) putting the finishing touches to my extra-special super-duper combined Dec/Jan giveaway. I’ll be announcing it as soon as I’ve finished making the prizes, which should be in the next couple of days.

Don’t forget, to be eligible for the giveaway, you need to be a subscriber to my mailing list – okay?

See you in a few days with the giveaway announcement & some updates to my Etsy shop!

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  1. Congratulations1 It really feels great, does n`t it? i wish you have many more these moments this year!

    Reply to eva Jan 10th 2008, 7 yrs and 1 mth ago
  2. Karena (Magic Jelly) says: magicjelly.com.au

    Thanks Eva! It feels GREAT! :)

    Reply to Karena (Magic Jelly) Jan 10th 2008, 7 yrs and 1 mth ago
  3. Marilyn says: pulpsushi.typepad.com

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Happy New Year to you too. Congratulations on the write-up Legend! :)

    Reply to Marilyn Jan 10th 2008, 7 yrs and 1 mth ago
  4. Karena (Magic Jelly) says: magicjelly.com.au

    Ha! Thanks Marilyn! I hope your year’s off to a rollicking start! :)

    Reply to Karena (Magic Jelly) Jan 10th 2008, 7 yrs and 1 mth ago
  5. Julian says: majaba.org

    The flu, how dreadful! Glad to hear you are feeling human once more.
    Thanks for the woobly custard. Wobbly? Thanks for saying wobbly, though woobly is nice, too.

    Reply to Julian Jan 11th 2008, 7 yrs and 1 mth ago
  6. nursemyra says: nursemyra.wordpress.com

    your blog is gorgeous! I love paper too

    Reply to nursemyra Feb 4th 2008, 7 yrs and 3 wks ago

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